New Very Strange Songs

by Bless Your Heart

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released December 6, 2019

All music and lyrics by Bless Your Heart
(Blessed Hearts Club/Dead Sett (ASCAP))
Vigilance Deadname: acoustic guitar, lead and harmony vocals
sunn sett apple: electric guitar, lead and harmony vocals, bass VI, electric bass, tambourine
Mike Johnson: pedal steel guitar, bass VI, acoustic guitar, tambourine
Daniel Ryan: upright bass
Nick Marino: drums
Meredith Ann Byrd: harmony vocals
Jack Victor: percussion on “Coyote”

Produced by sunn sett apple
Engineered by Mike Johnson
Mastered for digital by Harris Newman, Grey Market Mastering
Mastered for cassette by Russ T. Nutz
Photography by Liz Trader Williams (@makemesomeart), and Ashley Ready with lighting design by Travis Hanson
Layout & design by Meredith Ann Byrd

Special thanks to John Kappas Hansen, Arianna, Kayla Zuskin, Zeb Camp, and the Orange Peel for crucial gear contributions, to Jack Victor and Esther Wright for helping us develop our sound in the early days, and to lena claire monroe.

This album is dedicated to the memories of Blake Brockington and Bobbo.
© 2019 Bless Your Heart. All Rights Reserved.

This project would not be possible without funding contributions provided by:

Cubby Altobelli
Deven Balsam
Mx. Battles
Mariah Beth
Lola Clairmont
Caveh Davari
Alex Dixon
Jenna Graham
Rebecca Hagan
Esaias Johnson
Ashely Lovecraft
Jeremiah Maitri
Rachel Midge
Dylan Mirales
Anita Narcisse
JW Nielsen
Andrew Scotchie
Joseph “Dirtbox” Slankard
Els Thijs
Amber White
Blake Willis
Autumn Wongchong


all rights reserved



Bless Your Heart Asheville, North Carolina

Vigilance and Sunn Sett take cues from classic country songwriting and immerse them in the textures of shoegaze and post-rock, using this palette to reconcile southern and queer identities.

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Track Name: Still Cryin' (and Listenin' to Björk)
I never felt more lifeless in the summer
until I put it out with one goodbye
I see no future without the one I adore
I’m still cryin’ and listenin’ to Björk

I wish she’d hold my hand like it was clay again
I wish she would put me on the old throwin’ wheel
I gave her the lock, and then she closed the door...

I can’t see those brown eyes on me again
She won’t smile on me, she might not smile at all
I left her to run and be free again,
but freedom just left me with more room to fall

I don’t know how to put myself together
When she left, she took a piece that held it all there
I was a whole person, but not anymore...
Track Name: Seven Blunders
Left my home some years ago,
I was bored of love and ready to blow
Hopped on a plane and I let you go
Packed up my troubles said, “be back in a week,”
That was ages ago, now I can’t sleep
Promise that you’ll never weep for me
Well I landed in Thebes and walked the footsteps of Zeus,
I met a girl in Rhodes who would fill your shoes for a fee
And drinkin’ with ‘Nysus is a real sweet time
I’ve got a head full of nothin’ and a mouth full of wine
Back in those days you never even crossed my mind

But a god gets lonely and this may be old news,
But the drink gets bitter and the lovers are one night only
At the end of the day when I empty my shoes,
I get the feeling the sand’s the only new thing to show you

Strung out in the garden I met the whore of Babylon,
Let’s just say her name is fittin’ and I’ll ramble on
This time minus five years I was already too far gone
But the land of milk and honey ain’t as sweet as it sounds
I was stumblin’ in the desert, not an angel to be found
Lookin’ every way but my head was stuck in the ground

And I’ll warrant when David played his harp,
And won over Johnny that he broke a woman’s heart
Strummin’ a guitar I just feel…
When I entered the temple they said to take off my shoes,
So I handed ‘em over, now I’ve got nothin’ left to lose

Well the pyramids at Giza have got their charm,
Another wonder and I’m disarmed,
But my company’s the dead
And a sarcophagus well it ain’t no bed...

Well I stood on the Sphinx and I thought of you,
And as I surveyed my kingdom I just wanted something new,
Something used
Track Name: Tired (of Dreamin' (of You))
I’m tired of dreamin’ of you
I don’t even want it to come true,
after all of the chances I gave you to reach out your hand
I’m tired of seeing your face
I just want to give you your space,
but your voice in the back of my head’s makin’ castles from sand
When I drift away in the static and wine,
your shadow will creep its way out of the back of my mind.

I’m tired of hearin’ you say,
“I want to take you back again,”
only to wake up and realize and pull out my hair
I know it’s not you, it’s just me
causin’ my own misery,
caught up in dreams when I know that real life can’t compare
Fifteen hours of work and I come home and crash
Pieces of your love will rise up from the ash

I’m tired of watchin’ the show
I’m ready to let it all go,
step out of your life and not think about what might’ve been
But some night when I drift away,
I hope that I’ll see you again
I’ll lie to myself and then we’ll lie together again
But when I wake up and we’re through,
I’m tired of not bein’ tired of dreamin’ of you

I don’t know what else to do
I want to believe that I’m through...
Track Name: Haunted (by You)
Sometimes I feel I will always be haunted
By all the dreams I could not make real
How can a “man” move forward undaunted
from the one thing that could make ‘em feel
I see you again and you’re laughin’
then I wake up next to somebody new
Sometimes I feel I will always be haunted
Haunted by you

Lord, I believe there was no way to save us
from the damned path we were goin’ down
but if I die poor, or if I die famous
I’ll think of you when I’m in the ground
I’m tryin’ to grasp for a feelin’
but only one feelin’ will do...

I was the rainbow that I saw reflected in you
I need you to let go of my bones
Could I lead a life of loneliness
just to find you waiting at my gravestone
A world that we just can’t let go of
and feelin’s that just might be true...
Track Name: Coyote
Heard a little story ramblin’ through the south
It came straight from the jaws of a coyote’s mouth
And the way he barked it out was kinda roundabout,
I’m not sure I caught the meaning but the word was out
He said his grandfather had tracked the man-prey,
And when the man come, you better run away
Stories of fire and weapons like thunder
There was no discretion where there was plunder
(There’s nothin’ left to sunder)

And the smoke from my fire drew a picture of fear
I saw man versus man, what the wild things fear
The meal on his breath could not match the smell,
Of the bodies that rotted in that vision of hell

Turned my back to the sun when morning came
Chasin’ evenin’ for weeks, I forgot my name
I stole from my fathers, I stole from their slaves
‘Til they exiled me to a Mojave grave
(There’s only sand to save)

And the smoke from my fire draws a picture of fear
I see man versus man, what the wild things fear
The beer on my breath cannot match the smell
Of the hell I’m forgetting or a coyote’s yell

Took 25 years but I’ve come of age
And I’m old enough now to know the cold blue rage,
Of cactus nights and scorpion peels
And that old coyote still runnin’ at my heels
(And what he got he steals)

Couldn’t keep me in sand, so I’ll ride again,
Find an oasis that don’t vanish when
I kneel at its pond in the judgment dawn
Then I’ll quit this sinnin’ I swear it on my gun
(My story’s just begun)

And the smoke from my fire draws a picture of fear
I see man versus man, what the wild things fear
The star in the west will lead me to hell
Where i’ll rot with them bodies where the coyotes yell
Track Name: Never Again
I hit the highway searchin’ for that something used
Thought it’d be where I left it,
All I found was a house full of blues
On my way out of town got a bottle and supper of truth
And sang to Mr. Daniels the way I used to sing to you

Never again will I hear your voice aimed in my direction
Never again will I see the light of your affection
So I’ll sing this real loud on the wire of a bad connection
Hope you’ll hear it someday and know I wished you well

Dreamt you were with me one night, maybe it was two
You cried and I writhed,
Couldn’t tell you whose hand held whose
You said, “I understand it, but right now it’s just no use.”
But we found forgiveness and right now that’s something I can use

If I’m being honest, no I don’t want you
My dreams are just promises I never made to you
That makes it easy to follow through
Track Name: Renter's Remorse
I got a woman, she writes all of my songs
I got the night terrors, Lord I shake so strong
If I’m doomed to dream and wake all through the night
I hope to catch her hummin’ in the mornin’ moonlight
I got a woman, she writes all of my songs

I got a woman rentin’ a room in my head
She quilt’ me a quilt to keep the dreams out of my bed
I got a woman writes all of my songs
She moved into my bed and it helps me along
I got a woman rentin’ a room in my head

I got domestic problems, how’d it get so wrong?
I got a woman and we can’t get along
She gives me night terrors, Lord I shake so strong
And the sound of her hummin’ wakes me all night long
I got domestic problems, how’d it get so wrong?

I got a woman took her quilt and gone
We had domestic problems, now I can’t get along
I had a woman wrote all of my songs
She kept my nights from gettin’ long
Sweet Lord help me how I shake so strong
I got the night terrors cause I done her wrong
I got a woman took her quilt and gone

I got a room nobody wants to rent
The previous tennent’s been tellin’ how wrong things went
But if you like to dream and wake all through the night
And if you got the shakes and you can’t get right
I got a room, you can stay all night
Track Name: Abigail Leigh
I’m gettin’ out of here tomorrow
I know that it’s the only way
All other paths’ll lead to sorrow
Now I gotta seize the day
Couldn’t tell me what you want from me
Couldn’t tell me what you need
You and I must set each other free

Tell me, what is happiness to you,
just an easy script to read?
When I tell you what I’m goin’ through,
you give me no security
Track Name: So
So now we are two different people
The ones who fell in love have torn and frayed
The weight of knowledge bogs us down now
The more we fight the more we waste away
But that’s the way of love that wasn’t right
The dreams we shared have drifted out of sight
The twisted love we’ve fostered no longer passes light,
So let me go.

We stand before our matching gravestones,
and if I take your hand we’re goin’ down
But we still have a second chance now
to go our separate ways without a sound
Track Name: Meet Me in July
The fireflies turned dim when August came to die
The harvest was forgotten
Dirty beauty cast aside
Oh lady, won’t you know me, though you’re far from my side?
I keep a sprig of rose moss in my pocket-
Only green thing that hasn’t died

So meet me in July when the rain stops
Freeze with me when December comes
Oh, thaw with me again in April
Meet me in the river next July

The sun caught fire in May but he never matched our heat
Oh lady, when I’m lonesome,
You’re the only soul I wanna meet

So meet me in July before the leaves fall
I’ll melt your eyes when winter comes
I smell you on the breeze in April
Don’t forget about July
Meet me in the river next July

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